Dappled Horse Ministries Presents
Training for Reigning

About Us
Proverbs 21:31
The “horse” is prepared for the day of battle,
but deliverance is of the Lord
Our Credentials

Dappled Horse Ministries is harnessed to the Chariot of the
King of Kings and we’ve been called to be watchmen on
the wall and to bring unity to the Body of Christ.

We have a passion to spread the good news of
the gospel to the lost and broken hearted.

God has given us the spirit of a warrior and we choose to walk in the
potential that will threaten the enemy and bring glory to God.

Jeff is a licensed minister through Life Christian University where he received a
Bachelor’s Degree in Theology & Advanced Biblical Studies in October; 2012.

MB is schooled in the Word, gifted in the prophetic
and ministers to women under oppression. MB is a member of the
Women in Ministry/Women on the Frontlines Global Network
and currently atttends the Patricia King Institute to fulfill the
requirements to be ordained through the organization.

Both Jeff & MB are certified pastoral care counselors through Elijah House and they currently serve as Altar Ministers at Living Word Christian Center.

Jeff and MB attended the Bethel Supernatural School of Ministry; (Redding CA)


Harnessed to the Chariot of the King of Kings