Dappled Horse Ministries

Deliverance Ministry

We acknowledge God as our sole source of provision. He owns the cattle on a thousand
hills, pulls coins from the mouth of fish, and causes the widows oil not to run dry.

While we recognize God as our sole source of provision, we
also know that God uses people to provide needed resources.

While we have a standing policy of not withholding ministry based on a lack of an individual’s
finances, we want you to know it is essential for us to maintain a certain amount of monthly income.

We ask that when you come for ministry you listen carefully to the Holy Spirit
and give accordingly. We have several donation options available to you.

We accept checks, cash, and PayPal. We depend on our friends and supporters like you to partner
with the Lord in helping us stay leaders in the areas of individual freedom and restoration.

To donate through PayPal or credit card, click on the donate button above or click here.

Harnessed to the Chariot of the King of Kings